The Heart of The Perfection of Wisdom Sutra – W1

The Heart of the Perfection of Wisdom Sutra

I prostrate to the Arya Triple Gem.
Thus did I hear at one time.
The Bhagavan was dwelling on Mass of Vultures Mountain
in Rajagriha together with a great community of monks and a great community of bodhisattvas.


As usual we’ll start with a small meditation and then we’ll talk about the Heart Sutra, one of the most known sutra. This sutra explains the essence of the words teaching that Buddha gave, all the things that we have been talking in all the past classes, at the end of the day, the meaning of this sutra is like ultimate profound knowledge that Buddha tried to deliver.

Now, this sutra can be finished in one class, can be finished in two classes, three classes, four classes and then we’ll take for forever. It is very nice essence, this can extend as much as you want or you can just go briefly and finish in 10 minutes or an hour, whatever time that you wish to finish.

So I am so excited because to be honest I don’t know how, I should finish in one class or whether I should just keep it for some other classes, but still let see how it goes with the time. So let’s start with a brief meditation and then we’ll start with the Heart Sutra. If we go directly to the Heart Sutra I really don’t know how it’s gonna go, because as far as my experience is not gonna go well, you might not understanding a lot of things, because there are too many things in there. But still, I’ll just layout the foundation I think many of you already have that sort of foundation, but some of you might not have that sort of foundation, on which you can do the Heart Sutra in your mind. Alright, let’s start with a bit of meditation.

Since what I just said you might be like wondering “What Heart Sutra might be?” or if you already have the PDF that Chessy shared, you might be wondering like “Yeah, I’ve been through that and then things doesn’t make that much sense, it says like nothing exist pretty much”, again you might be wondering like “What is that matter much concentrate, might be thinking or planning to say or wandering?” Because what I say is pretty much nothing, it says all empty anyway, let see how things go and I am also excited to listen to myself as well. Let us not wonder about the Heart Sutra.

The meditation should be a sort of contemplation or what you have learnt so far, what you think about Buddhism, that would be the object of our contemplation. Maybe some of you might think that you don’t know nothing about Buddhism, but any contemplator a bit might wonder, might find anything like “Ah I know this, oh I also know that”, there are a lot of  things that can count. But then some of you may have like “Oh I think I know Buddhism quite well then when it comes to counting, you might not find much of that. Both are very good in their own ways.

So let meditate on that. We don’t know anything, it is good because you’ve known having this and that, if you know a lot of things, that is good because you can use that into something, since both are good. Alright, so let start this meditation. Just contemplate that knowledge, that will remind your knowledge that we have studied, that we have in our mind. Alright, three, two and one.

(Meditation within few minutes)

It is nice to focus in our world, we all have happiness and suffering which can be generated pretty much. Now we’re having a good direction, because every time we have been looking outwards, it is more like we have been the eyes who still always in the outside, so there should be like a mental consciousness which also have an ability to look inside. I am not saying that we have to close the eyes and not to worry or concern about the things that goes around you, I totally understand the responsibility and the role that you might have to play the role of father, mother, brother, sister, teacher or professionally, the role that you might have been playing a life, but it’s always very important to watch your home self. I’m not talking about physical body but I’m talking about the inner self, the mind. You will be able to see that it is, we have all happiness and sufferings generated. It’s not an individualistic holds that we always have been looking towards.

If you are meditating among of a group of people, if you feel sleepy or uncomfortable, there are things that you can do, but when you’re alone and then you feel sleepy, generally I would say going sleep, because it’s tried to force then things are not going to go well, perhaps you’re just wasting the time. If you haven’t had enough sleep at the night, you might have slept late. If we try to get up the same time tomorrow morning and then you try to meditate, it is not gonna go well. You can draw a little bit of thing, you can wash your face or wash your feet and then try to refresh by walking around a bit or coffee maybe that works and try to meditate, if this doesn’t work, did you still feel a bit sleepy and tired, I would recommend you to go to sleep.

If you don’t try the quality meditation, then you’ll  get used to such meditation which is not of quality in a point. You stay there for 30 minutes and you just wondering about everything that goes around your tongue. That’s not how it is supposed to be, especially where we’re having class. If you have like a couple of minutes to meditate with everyone, but you’ll be there sleepy, you feel a bit sleepy or tired, then there are the things that you can reflect, you have to stay like everyone is mediating.

So maybe you just think that you are on the top of a mountain, there is a breeze and just you’re heading by sitting on a large stone, there you feel very comfortable that everything and enjoy the breeze that will help you to keep a bit active. If you’re concentrating on a particular object, then maybe you can think that object in a form of light or very wide thing that also helps to stay up.

The reason why I remembered, it was like recently few days ago I had the session with a group   of people people Asian, maybe 50-60 people and then, we had a little bit talk regarding the small charity that I had over here at the monastery. I were really tired because the whole day I were only getting that and this and that, but at that time I were really tired, I mean I haven’t had that strong energy to just stay and meditate. I were kind a tired so I couldn’t think of anything. I were just thinking like I’m sitting on the top of mountain, or flat stone and I were enjoying breeze. That was what I were focusing on anyways.


Let’s get to the topic, which is the Heart Sutra.

During the meditation, if you found that you really have a vast knowledge regarding Buddhism, then maybe you can reduce ego and then try to explore new things. It’s wonderful opportunity   to fight with the ego, because that is very much likely that will be active. If you think that you don’t know many things, if you think that quite a bit of time, then think of those who know much more than you. This is really very much effective and very easy to do it with the ego or self launching.

There are things that you might need to understand or having foundation. Now we talk about the essence of the Buddha’s teachings, there are many kinds of teachings in this world, we have a variety of religion, that is always nice to have variety. Think about the food, specially when you are quarantined and if you have the same food all the time, I don’t know how it’s gonna go, or how it’s going with different people. Because there are different people so there is different food. You might have your favorite and you can go with it all the time, but then  your favorite might not be the favorite of everyone, especially when you’re with your family, you can’t just have your favorite always on the dinner table, so there are different religions which is very important because there are different people.

Based on the mentality, level of the mind, people need to their religion. among these religions there are something which are being common, like teaching of ambition, teaching of love, forgiveness, generosity, kindness. These are kind of common in all these religions which is why there are many people who follow that because these are nice.

In the past there was many strange things like the king followed a certain religion and the older people of the Kingdom must follow that religion,  which is a little bit strange, this is how it has been in the past. Also, in some cases there are the people who think that “I like pizza, so everybody should eat pizza”. But  there could be some Buddhists as well who might think that “Oh I like pizza, so everybody should take pizza.” That is not how this should be. There could be some foodies as well, you might definitely find such people who hold things like “I like pizza, everybody should eat pizza or should like pizza.”

But according to the Buddha’s teachings, your teaching only when a person wishes to. And this is why after Buddha becoming Buddha, Buddha was there, under the tree where he had achieved the realization, enlightenment for 49 days. One of the reason is like you pull through only when somebody wishes to, only when somebody is ready. Wishing that people believe what you believe is also one of the selfishness, because you think that you are superior and what do you believe is superior, and everyone should follow you, all believe to taste how it’s supposed to be, and that is the reason.

But there are a lot of things which are not common in among the religions. For example, there are some religions which believe in Creator God, there’s some religions which is believing Law Causality, there’s some religions which don’t believe in a Creator God at all, and there’s some religions which are like pretty much half or both in some sense.

Buddhism is in the second category, in Buddhism, there’s no Creater God, there’s no one who created anything, good to know. In a short day,  how you can see that nobody is created by anyone. Like nobody there as a Creator God who is creating everyone or you can also think that everyone is Creator. Each and every one of us is a creator, you might not say God create a human. According to Buddhism there is no Creator God, you are the creator, you are the creator of all karma. If you come to some Asian countries, specially around like for example my hometown or Tibet, if you say like “Oh, your kid has been created by God”, they would say “No, no, I know that I created”, or if you say to a person who create a pot and you say “Ah this is also created by God”, “No, no, my friend created that”. Yeah, that’s the pretty Buddhist teaching.

It really doesn’t matter who created the mountain, but what is the matter? Whoever create the mountain is not going to make any change to your life. What will change? What would make a difference in your life is through understanding what or who created the suffering and happiness Then we will know what we should look forward to?

For example, you and your friend had the same problem, your friend cured by some treatments.  It really doesn’t matter, what really matter is your friend has been cured and who cured your friend . Because you have the same issue and that is something that you don’t decide. Your friend had been cured by someone or somewhere, that’s something that you are supposed to know because that’s seen a similar way, you can also have a chance or there could be a way to also cure your own problem of health.

So happiness is all they need. People might think “Ah the only thing that I want in my life is a proper job, but interestingly even if you have a proper job, if you don’t find happiness in that, the next day you got to think “Oh it ‘s off, this job which is not good, I want another job”. It was the job you think “That job is something that I’m licking”. The job doesn’t guarantee that it’s gonna bring happiness to you.

Many people think that “All I wish to have a kid”, there are many people that I know, the whole said that literally like “Oh I prayed this much to have the kids, kid is so difficult”. We expect like having something that come out to give the total opposite sufferings.

It’s better to know who created those mountains, but that’s more important to know who created our happiness? What brings happiness? How our suffering comes, because that’s where we can try to eliminate that one. Still as I said earlier, Buddhism don’t believe Creator  God, the Buddha is the founder of Buddhism, pretty much similar.

I don’t know very much in details about other religions, but I give all the ways Buddha taught, all the ways to deal with each and every problem and suffering that we face in our life, that was Buddha said as the creator, as a messenger or as a founder of a particular religion. I think that should be in other religions. They are there to teach us to be happy. Teachers to have a meaningful life, not to bring something that we might not see, but bring something that we can all also see.

If  somebody come to you and give you a phone and say like “Ah buy this  phone, it is very good for dah, dah and dah” and you try to turn on the phone, but you can’t turn on your phone for whatever reason , but the person says that “Ah you can see the result of this after 20 years, maybe one year or maybe like next month”. I won’t buy that sort of phone, which doesn’t work now and even if a person say like it’s gonna work after one month, I would question like “Why it is not working now and how can I know this, but working  after one month?”.

The usual example I give is the cream, in Highlands like my hometown Ladakh or Tibet, in certain places  really high. Some places are around like 5000 meters above sea level, so it could be the reason why people over there are like 5 kilometers nearer to the moon or the sun. But still the winter is really cold, all 5 kilometers nearer to the sun should be hotter, trust me, it’s really cold, but still it’s possible that you might see the moon bigger. But anyhow, there is moisturizer because the face can crack if you don’t use the moisturizer over there. So if somebody give a moisturizer to a person over there and tell that it’s going to work after like a month, if it is not working now, tomorrow, this week and then next week. If you’re going to buy that one because you think that “I use this like one  month, like one week or two week, or if it ‘s not working now, it’s gonna work later.

So it’s very important to seek what brings you happiness, what brings peace, what eliminate the problems and the suffering you do face in day-to-day life. Because if it is not solving a problem today, who would guarantee that it’s gonna solve the problem tomorrow? If it didn’t solve, I’ll tell you why, because Buddha said that Buddha cannot be able to wash away your sins as a person can wash the dirt of the cloth.

So Buddha can’t be able to remove the suffering of people as if you remove the thorne from my skin. “I will also not be able to transfer or exchange my knowledge and realization to you, I would say mind and realization to you, then the one and only way I can help all the beings to be free from sufferings is by teaching you and showing the guide, giving you a teaching of emptiness and four noble truths and so forth”.

Yeah, you can surprise, but this is how it is. Buddha clearly said that “I won’t be able to remove your sufferings or whatever you’re seeing as one can wash the dirt of the cloth.”

If a thorn stuck your hand and if it is hurting, you can remove the thorn out of your hand to achieve the relief. But Buddha said that “I cannot be  able to take away your suffering like wanting to remove the thorn from the skin”. Buddha said that “If it was in my hand, if I could able to do that, wash away all your sins and then remove your sufferings. I love each and every sentient beings as if a mother who has own child loves that child”.

Buddha also said that “I don’t look for any”, it’s not like Buddha would take care of those people more who pray to Buddha, or Buddha would help those more who are closer to Buddha or who may be benefited to Buddha. Compassion, known as the great universal compassion, is more  like Buddha, exact the same amount of love and compassion to each and every sentient beings. That’s how the monks are trained.

So Buddha are the exalted one, he was the one who reached the peak of that. Buddha said “If there is a way I can remove your suffering out  I would have done it much earlier, right after achieving enlightenment. But the one and only way to help you is by giving you the teachings of Four noble Truths, Emptiness and so forth, it’s more like I teach you the way you walk on the way”. Buddha is more like a doctor, check you and then give you a prescription, give you medicine and then ask you to eat the medicine, that’s how you gonna get rid of the sickness. But now we have all these books and we have the prescription, we have the medicines which are like, love, compassion and all these so forth.

But like I have pain, I have a medicine, but I’m not really like eating it. So this is the present situation of sentient beings fortunately or unfortunately. Here we’re talking Heart Sutra, we are talking about that medicine. That medicine, which act for one point. But the essence of that medicine, the most powerful medicine, literally hit each and every sickness of us because the root of each and every sickness that we experience is that negative emotions. As I said, those negative emotions, like hatred, attachment, greedy and these things, come from one mind which calls ignorance, the mind which is not able to see the actual nature of of phenomena, the ultimate nature of phenomena.


When we are not able to see thing as the thing exists, we have a big misunderstanding and based on that misunderstanding all that craziness happens. If you really misunderstand your friend, as a basis, then whatever a person says, you wanna go wrong like “ Ah you’re saying that because of that”, mean after that, whatever a person says, you’re saying like “ You’re saying, because of that, I know why you’re saying that because of that like”, everything goes to that misunderstanding. It’s more  like a black hole, you know black hole?, everything fool in there, because you have that  based fundamental misunderstanding, because you have that misunderstand on each and everything, you are not able to see the actual phenomena.

So Buddha said like “All the sufferings come from negative actions, negative actions come from negative mind, negative mind come from ignorance.”  So that ignorance acts as agent basis, so what is that ignorance actually? It’s ignorance of understanding, the ultimate nature of phenomena.

Maybe I  can give you quite a bit easy example that I usually say. Suppose a person did something to you. He said something bad to you or something which may hurt you. When you know that person that did something wrong, you might feel so bad, after 15 minutes, you don’t feel bad. Maybe if you take a sleep for few hours and after a few hours, you don’t feel that bad. Question is: This is the same thing, nothing change, he did exactly the same thing, 15 minutes later or after few hours with the breaking or sleeping in between, the person did the same thing, you should see the person,  same thing, you should feel in the same way, but you don’t. At the first moment, it really hurts, you think that “Oh, I’m gonna do that person or I’m gonna…” May be responds in a similar ways you might be in the first moment, but not after two hours, not after four hours. That shows the way we see the situation, the way we see the person change.

The object doesn’t change, the object is same, the person is same, what he did is also the same, but the mind we see that it’s different.  At the first moment you think that is so bad, it’s more likely that a little bit exaggerated, accelerated. So you have exaggerated and you saw like “ Ah really bad”. After like 15 minutes, “Oh bad I feel like”. After the nap, maybe you see a bit different “OK, understand”.  So we think that now what we’re thinking is wrong, the way we see the object is not the way the object that actually object exists.

One reason is we love ourselves we cherish ourself, we exaggerate the quality toward ourself, everybody think that they are better than they really are. It makes negative sense, because in the deep mind we think that we are better than we are, we think that we are superior than we are, we think that we are special than we are.  I’m not saying we are not important, we are as much as important as the one who stays at our neighborhood, our body is as much as important as the body of the one who stays at that neighborhood

But still, we think that this is more important. We think that our country is more important, that’s why all this war happens. Like my people is more important, this country is more important. In the past, you see like lots and lots of wars are same place. No reason? Is it of the reason behind? You might feel like “OK, these are maybe rolling the rules of the country and maybe intellectual parties are so much influenced by some negative emotions like greedy, attachment, very short sighted, so literally go for a war bringing like 5000 people, knowing that 1-2 or 3000 people will definitely die, but still we will win.” But calculating that you still initiate the war that you are literally jumping from a clip by knowing that half these people might die. I really don’t see much more stupid than that. But in your heart you think that “I love my people”. Yeah, that is a level of stupidity in some sense.

Anyways, to understand the object as the object actually exists, Buddha gave the teaching of Heart  Sutra,  to understand the way thing truly exist so that why Buddha said the emptiness is a final mode of existence or ultimate nature of each and every phenomena, including you, sky everything. So what is the ultimate nature? What the emptiness? That sounds like something?

All you’ve heard about emptiness is maybe in some song or in some novels. So the actual meaning of emptiness, let’s say I’m not to have misunderstanding on the word emptiness, let’s go with like ultimate nature, I like that more. One of the easiest thing that we know about the nature is we don’t know the nature of our mind in many sense.

But we know the nature of the fire is something that the flames only grow upwards. It’s not like a water, that is a gravity, out there wherever you are,  the water goes down, the nature of water always tries to go down. The nature of water is always liquid, it always spreads as long as it is possible. And the nature of fire, it always grows upwards, it burns things around and it has a heat. The heat is the nature of fire, growing up is the nature of fire, ability to burn things around is the nature of fire. So these things you cannot separate from the fire. You cannot try to make a fire and then try to let it go downwards. It’s not gonna go, unless the sort of what is called that “lecuum” or something like that, which literally pull down the fire in India, unless there’s no way, as long as you let it be itself, it grows upward and then its heat burning things around as long as you have something around, it gonna burn. That is the nature of fire.

But there is a nature which is more ultimate when you look more, when you zoom into it, if you go deep inside you’re gonna find a  nature which is more profound. That is what?

Buddhism, we call it emptiness. The reason why we call it emptiness because things doesn’t exist as the way we think but as the way it appears to our mind, because our mind are not that capable to see the ultimate nature. Our mind is always influenced by our wrong mind, ignorant part of us is all spread and so these avoid us to see the real nature, the ultimate nature of phenomena.

So before becoming Buddha for the last six years, Buddha meditated on this one. This is the main practice,  the ultimate practice through practicing 6 years of meditation, that this is what Buddha said like “You wanna follow me, you wana achieve what I achieved, you wanna take, you wanna walk on the steps that I did to achieve enlightenment which is that thing when it is called emptiness, thing didn’t exist”.


As I gave you an example of anger, you get angry to someone, you don’t see anything as it is. So that’s what we will be talking and the Heart Sutra is a teaching that Buddha has given, not the same year that Buddha achieved enlightenment on the full moon of the fourth month, but after 11 months, which is the next year, the full moon of the the third one is the time Buddha gave the teaching. So right after 11 months from the time Buddha became Buddha.

I’ve told you earlier that Buddha was one exactly like us, very ordinary, having everything is like negative emotions, positive emotions, wrong doing, right doing, everything. Through meditating this one, through understanding this one, Buddha achieved what achieved. So I think this week we can say maybe pretty much enough of the foundation in the platform. This is what we will be talking in this text. If you have a kind of full view of this point then it will be easier for us to understand a bit. So we’ll just go maybe one line and then we keep it for the next one.

In majority of the Asian countries that they follow Buddhism, this Sutra is really important. Many people, they fold this Sutra and wear as a sort of a pendant because they believe that this is such a power that protects them. This is one of the main prayer that we do, so this is one of the main sutra that at my monastery, sometimes we see this Sutra like 19 times a day, I would one of the main prayer that monks do.

Very powerful, very profound, it can literally include all other teachings of Buddha and also Buddha said like “This Paramita Sutra is very important. If all of my rest of teaching vanished from this world, it is alright if this exists in this world.” Buddha said to the assistant, Ananda, that “If you take this Paramita Sutra and memorize it, write it, let others know and let this exist in this world, if even if all the rest of my teaching goes away, I will not blame you, but if this teaching, even a word of this teaching missed, then I would blame you, if you take care of me, if you think that what I teached is right and helpful, then this is what I want you to do to keep it be safe”. And Buddha said “As long as this teaching remains in this world, I am pretty much remained there”.

So this teaching has been praised by Buddha himself who gave these teachings. I’m not sure if you have reached, attached other than these teachings, among Buddha’s teachings, this is one of the oldest teachings. Buddha have given this teaching when he was just 36 years and 11 months old. So basically what we are able to see on the screen, this is literally 2600 years old.

People say these words are so very powerful. That is literally field energy, field of the positive wires around. In my monastery, everyone that I know does this everyday, especially to remove the obstacles and also to reduce the bad energy bad wires around. So this is something that you can go on with the daily prayer, I think this is kind and nice.


Maybe we can go in the next one, the Heart of The perfection of wisdom Sutras. There are many Prajna Paramita sutras. Prajna is wisdom, Paramita is perfection, Prajna Paramita is perfection of wisdom. There are many perfection of wisdom. You might hear about Diamond Sutra or Vajra Cutter Sutra, 8000 verses Sutra, 100,000 verses sutra, so there are many sutras.

Those are just seen as the one in terms of what it explained. But among all of them, this is the nectar, the core point, or the core sutra, so sometimes it is even known as the essence of all the sutras, the extent of perfection of wisdom. It’s more like a nectar of all sutras.

I prostrate to the Arya Triple Gem.
Thus did I hear at one time.
The Bhagavan was dwelling on Mass of Vultures Mountain
in Rajagriha together with a great community of monks and a great community of bodhisattvas.

          “I prostrate to the Arya Triple Gem”.

So here is , prostrate can be from body, mind, speech is like pay respect, pay homage. So here Arya is more like extraordinary or exalted one. The Triple Gem gave Buddha, Dharma and Sangha. So this is not the real words from Buddha.

The first line, “I prostrate to the Arya Triple Gem”, has been written by the one who translated, which is in Sanskrit. Anyway this line is been added so that the translation can go smoothly, translation translation can go nicely, at the same time in the ancient time, they just say this line  so that the translation goes nicely, at the same time to know what is the content of the sutra. I will not go much on that, but I will just remind you later in the next class once more time.

          “so thus did I hear at one time”

This shows the object that here this sutra is explaining which is emptiness, perfection of wisdom. Now at one time shows that the wonderful, the auspicious time that Buddha gave the teaching, as I said, when Buddha was just 36 years and 11 months old, which is the full moon day, the next year of the year Buddha achieved enlightenment.

          “ The Bhagavan was dwelling on Mass of Vultures Mountain in Rajagriha together with a great community of monks and a great community of bodhisattvas”.

“The Bhagavan”, it shows the one who gave the teaching, here it is the Buddha Shakyamuni, Bhagavan, the enlightened one.

“was dwelling on the Mass of Vulture Mountain”, this shows the place where Buddha’s teaching has been given. And the place,  it is on a small mountain which is called Vulture, Peak Mountain.

“Vulture”, the reason why this is called vulture is because the mountain looks like a vulture. I’ve been there, but I don’t know that it looks like a vulture. When I get out of the car, I was right below that, so there’s no way that I could see or I don’t know. Maybe at the time it looks like a vulture, but it says that the mountain looks like a vulture mountain, at the place like Rajagriha

Buddha at that time “together with a great community of monks and the great community of Bodhisattva”. It says the great community of Bodhisattva, the community of monks, but the great community of Bodhisattva is like not just ordinary Bodhisattva but a community of Bodhisattva really high realization who achieved extraordinary realization. So this I will explain more in details in the next classes.

Bodhisattva is the person who achieved bodhicitta, the mind which desired enlightenment very strong, so these are known as an object of refuge. When Buddha is not around, they are the one who teach the Buddha’s teachings because they understood what Buddha told very clearly as Buddha said.

So these four lines I will go again and  explain a bit more in the next class. But then until this, it is not the words of Buddha, is something that has been added to that later on, and then Buddhas teachings, the  words written down.

Because that’s what Buddha said, “When you write down my teaching, remember each and every word, and then write precisely, when you write, at where the teaching was given, to whom that teachings were given, and also the subject of the teaching”. So Buddha asked disciples to aid those things, when writing the teachings of Buddha.

So with these I would like to conclude with today’s class and it’s really nice. I don’t know if it is bouncing over your head, but then for me I really enjoyed talking this Sutra. These are really profound and  you get to understand, when you don’t understand, you can also say like “Oh this might be so profound so I don’t understand much”.

But still if you understand, this really can be very beneficial in the way you see the things. You can address yourself as a sort of a philosopher. If  you understand this sutra, the way you see the world should be different, the way you handle the situation would be different, because then you will know that “Ah the way I see, maybe I’ve exaggerated a bit”.

The way you see the object and the way object really exist, this object can be the person who live with you or the house, trees, any sort of situation that we all go through. A lot of ups and downs in our life, so having this sort of understanding really is more like mature, mature in a different level. Then you will be like so calm and cool even if you have like difficulties, when rest of your friends are literally going crazy with the flood, but you are like open and there you take things easily. I won’t say like if you understand the sutras, then there will be a lie.

You will have a lot of issues and problems in your life, understanding the Sutra may help you to minimize that problem. So many problems you won’t even see that as a problem, because the way you see the problem would be different. That is going to make a huge change in difference in your life.