Lama Nawang Kunphel was born in 1989 at Ladakh, an Extreme North of India. He is one of the monk who remembered the past life with an ability to tell many things of past when he was as just around three years old and also from that age he always had the thinking to become a monk.

He became a monk at the age of eleven at Sera Jhe Monastic University where he learnt and studied The Profound Course of Buddhist phylosophy with more than 108 volumes of Sutra of Buddha translated into Tibetan and the Commentaries of Nalanda Masters in more than 200 volumes of books along with the modern education. The Whole Course of Buddhist Studies requires to take totally from 17 years to 24 years.

Since 2009 he has been a part of The Translation Class of Sera Jhe and then eventually  The Translation Department.  In 2010, he received Rigchung Title at 5th year into The Degree Course, which was just given to very few selected students after some serious exams. In 2015 he received the degree in the sutra of Paramita (5 years of The Degree Course).

In 2018, he finished The Course in Madyamika Middle Way School about the ultimate view of Buddha’s Teachings. He is a young Tibetan Teacher with a rational and logical way of teaching that makes easily understand, especially for those just are the beginners to Buddhism.

In 2020 he has completed the Vinaya Course of 3 years and achieved the certification of Vinaya Rabjampa. In 2023 he has completed the Abhidharma Course of 2 years and achieved the Abhidharma Rabjampa.

And this way he has completed the whole course of Sera Jey Monastery and is Rabjampa in 5 Great Subjects of Buddhism which takes 20 years of studies and contemplation

Since 2013 he has been giving teaching on Meditation, Buddhist philosophy in India and several countries, he always emphasizes on mind transforming from negative into positive emotions in a very logical way on the basis of compassion and love even to the miserable animals. In the teaching he inspires people to practice for a better and happier life as the main purpose of Buddha’s  Teaching.

Besides the Dharma talks, he also does the best in efforts of helping others in the projects to support poor pupils and students, nomads in the high mountainous regions in Ladakh as well as the monks and nuns who face in the different situation in their study. 

He delivered more than 500 online classes since the March of 2020 till now. As a Master of Buddhist Philosophy, he is one of speakers in some international seminars. 

He also raised the idea of planting willow trees in Ladakh which is named ‘Pennees Row’ project with the purpose of contribution to the environment improving as well as helping the farmers there.

In 2021, he has fulfilled a holy stupa as well as 500 prayer wheels in Ladakh, this is a work of spiritual art which brings a great support for not only the Buddhists in that region but also for the prayer of peace on over the world.

Compassionate Seeds.