Lama Nawang Kunphel, a Buddhist monk, was born in a small village called Thiksay in Ladakh. Since eleven, he was a Buddhist monk and presently he is guiding with Buddhism philosophy and psychology with meditation. As most of the other Buddhist monks, the reason he became a monk is so that he can help others with Buddha wisdom and also so that he can see the whole world as his family and everyone as his family members. Buddhist monk usually prays for the happiness of the whole sentient beings but he, as an individual, sees an emerging need to put those prayers into practical.

In the last few years he had been organising various charity in and out of India. And when he did some charity in Ladakh which is between Himalayan mountains where people live as nomads on the hight of 3,000 to 5,000 meters above sea levels, he saw lots of kids in a need of education, some of them are orphans or semi orphans and some are even abandoned by their own parents .

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This website has the aim to:

  • Help kids from Ladakh, a northern region of India, who are in an extreme need of a support for education, some of them are orphans or semi orphans or kids who are abandoned or separated parents.
  • Help them with modern and moral education and a nutritious food for their fine growth.
  • And to give them an equal chance to make their life a better one.

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