Wisdom of The Day

The quotes extracted from Lama Kunphel’ dharma talks in the classes where he taught the meditation and Buddhist teaching to his students from many countries since 2020.

These are as the scents of flowers to contribute to the nosegay of wisdom. Reading and contemplating the meaning of each for the growth of the knowledge in our mind and for transforming it into positivity to achieve the happiness in life as someone said that happiness is the path.

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  • Acknowledging the mistakes done in past maynot change the past but it definitely helps to refrain from such mistakes in future.


  • Every positive action inspires us to engage in another positive action and every negative action inspire us to engage in another negative action.
  • Many actions automatically becomes positive if your intentions are positive.
  • Most of problems in life are because of 2 reasons:
    – We act without thinking or
    – We keep thinking without acting


  • Anger can be completely removed through the practice of love, because anger wishes to hurt others and that can be totally removed through practicing love towards all the living beings including ourself. The logic is that you cannot love and hate a person at the same time.
  • Anger is an issue that all the types of living beings has, which makes us all unhappy and Buddha’s techniques to control the anger is the biggest gift to the world.
  • Anger is the real terrorist in this world.
  • Anger is thief which steals our peace and happiness and it even take away our merits. The actual terrorist is anger and unfortunately we can’t get rid of it unless we practice meditation.
  • Anger originated from attachment. Attachment originated from self-centred attitude.
  • When we get angry, we are like the wood and the anger is like fire. All it burns is ourself.


  • If you have positive attitude, you will naturally be immune to many problems and troubles.


  • Buddha advised us to practice three points to become Buddha:
    – Listen and study sutras,
    – Contemplate on that,
    – Meditation.
  • Buddha is the seed which let’s the crops of happiness grow in the mind.
  • Buddha is the sun who removes the ignorance of the mind and let the crops of love, compassion, and all the other qualities grow in the mind.
  • Buddha, the source of peace and happiness.
  • Concept of female Buddha shows that woman can achieve everything that a man can.
  • Each and every teachings of Buddha are targeted towards reducing negative emotions like anger, greed, jealousy, fear and so forth.
  • I love Buddha because Buddha taught love, compassion, peace and non violence.
  • It’s very important to be honest with oneself and to Buddha. Let your prayers be an humble conversation with Buddha and through that way learn from Buddha.
  • Stupa is a symbol of the mind and the knowledge of Buddha.
  • Teaching of Buddha gives us wings to fly.
  • The hatred and inequality can be completely eradicate by the precious teachings of Buddha.
  • The only way Buddha can save us from the sufferings is by showing us the path to be free from sufferings.
  • Teachings of Buddha does not belongs to just Buddhist. It is universal treasure. Hence anyone can practice it to generate harmony, love, compassion, sense of equality, animal right, gender equality, universal responsibilities, understanding of interdependence and so forth.
  • Think of countless positive effects that Buddha brought in this world, you will automatically be able to generate a great faith towards Buddha. When there is a faith, you will wish to know his teachings, and that’s when your life will be full of peace and happiness.
  • Under the blessings of Buddha through his teachings, everyone has a path suitable to achieve ultimate happiness.
  • We all have the potential to become Buddha because all our negative emotions have their own antidotes.
  • We must recall the three great auspicious deeds of Buddha and learn lessons from those three:
    1. “Entering the mother’s worm”. From this auspicious deed we must learn the existence of past and future lives and so               based on that we must cultivate accordingly.
    2. Enlightenment. This great auspicious deeds shows that we all have Buddha nature and we all have potential to achieve          enlightenment and the negative emotions can be completely eliminated.
    3. PariNirvana. This show the nature of impermanence. Regardless of who we are and what we are doing, we all will have to      leave this world one day, and practice of dharma will only be of help when we leave this life.
  • When we have the Buddha and buddha’s teachings in our heart, peace and happiness will never stop chasing us and fill our surroundings with the aura of positive lights.
  • When we truly love peace, non violence and equality, there is no other teacher than Buddha who clearly taught the importance of such qualities like peace, non violence and equalities with the way to achieve.
  • When you know the teachings of Buddha, you will know the way to happiness and happiness is the way to live.


  • Buddhism is all about transforming the negative emotions and energies into positives. It is not about pleasing someone nor it is about surrendering to someone.
  • From Buddhist point of view, gender equality means although everyone does not have equal skills and abilities, everyone should be respected equally and everyone should be provided with equal opportunity, education and respect.
    Exactly like monkey can climb and fish can swim, both have their own different qualities, and non of them is inferior than the other.


  • Compassion is the ultimate source from which all the happiness grows,
    exactly like we are born from our mother. That’s why avalokeshwaraya (Guanyin, Guan Yin or Kuan Yin) is important in Buddhism.
  • If there is any jewel with which we can bring happiness in this world then it is compassion.
  • If you don’t have compassion towards yourself, there is no way that you can generate compassion towards others.
  • If we train our mind towards loving and compassion, our body and speech will naturally follow it.
  • The real beauty of a person is their inner qualities like love and compassion, which takes a long time to know. So never judge a book by its covers.
  • When we fill our heart with love and compassion, it shines out in the form of Our speech and physical activities.


  • Absolute contentment is when You can transform every minute of your life into the practice of dharma.
  • Contentment is another word for the happiness, happiness is another word for satisfaction.


  • Listening to the dharma without interest in learning dharma is like that bowl.


  • No trees can be grown overnight, so even if it is a baby step we must head towards our dreams.


  • Education is the only wealth which no one can take away from you.
  • Like a bird need two wings to fly, we need both modern and moral education to have happy and peaceful life.
  • Without moral education, modern education is just like a bird with one wing. Thus it is not possible to have a smooth and happy journey of life.


  • All the six types of beings have their own problems with their own specific negative emotions which makes them unhappy. So realizing ones own default is very essential to get rid of them.


  • Gender equality doesn’t mean that woman can do anything that man can and man can do anything the woman can. Both have their own unique feature and abilities. So gender equality simply means that we should respect them equally and both should receive equal education and opportunities.
    Tara, the female Buddha.
  • Importance of treating everyone equally regardless of caste, colour, race, gender and so forth was one of the main teaching and practices which Buddha taught 2600 years ago. In the darkest era of inequality, Buddhist teachings has been the light and a hope for the world by inspiring towards equality.


  • Expectation is the seed from where the tree of disappointment grows. Let’s start a life free from any expectations.


  • Forgiving other is the only way to heal oneself, specially if the pain is caused by others.
  • Greatest form of donation is forgiveness.


  • Be the person that everyone desire to have as a friend.
  • Everybody wish to have you as their friend if you are kind, honest and compassionate.
  • Friends are those who support each other to improve in something positive even if they live far from each other.
  • Those are our real friends who walk along with us on a positive path towards positive goal.
  • Those are your genuine dharma friends. By accompanying whom, your positive inner qualities like love and compassion increase and negative emotions like anger and jealousy decreases.
  • We must be wise and careful to choose our friends and people who we live with. This can influence a lot specially when you are a beginner.


  • The highest form of Generosity is offering your Time and knowledge to others.
  • The highest form of generosity in terms of expensive is time and effort and above that is the generosity of dharma teachings.


  • Genuine happiness can also be the best fuel with which we can do anything like studying without tiredness.
  • Happiness comes from sharing. From the first moment of our life, we have been receiving immense love and affection from our parents. Nature of our mind is used for love, care and compassion. So when we engage in such an activity, we feel real home and happiness. That’s why we should practice generosity and feel the life is meaningful.
  • Happiness comes naturally like light when you are under the guidance of a great teacher like sun.
  • Happiness is just a state of mind that we can develop within us..
  • Happiness is the greatest form of achievement and life is the greatest form of gift.
  • Happiness is the purpose of our life. All we desire is happiness.
  • Let’s walk on the path which brings happiness although we were born in the world full of sufferings like lotus.
  • Life is short, so be happy and be a better person. Help others and spread love and happiness.
  • Love and Compassion are the seeds of all the happiness in this world.
  • Simplicity is the sign of satisfaction, satisfaction is the sign of happiness.
  • The real happiness is in the act of compassion and love towards the one in need.
  • Unlimited happiness can only be achieved when you start to think about others welfare.
  • When you are satisfied with the life, happiness is everywhere.
  • We all are alike in wishing happiness and don’t desiring sufferings.


  • Harmony is the strength in friends, in couple, in family, in community, in country, in the world. Anything can be accomplished by living in the harmony.


  • Law of karma is something that even animals can realize.
  • One of the reasons why buddhist don’t belief in creator god – Our parents sacrifice their life caring for us and it is not fair to give all the credits to so called God, we are not able to speak all the language, but we can speak our mother tongue because we learnt it with time – which is what we’ve belief in Buddhism and that’s called karma.


  • Kids may get some more marks in exams by showing anger to them. But they lose confident in themselves, they lose respect and love towards you. So we should not trade all those qualities in kids for some marks in exam through anger.
  • A kid found the world of peace and non violence although parents left him at such a early age in the box. Monks will guide the kid with love and kindness towards parents. That’s where Buddhist teachings start to train oneself with patience and forgiveness. Be proud of the disciples of the Buddha for their love and kindness.


  • Kindness is the easiest language through which we can communicate with all the living beings.
  • Kindness is the secret to achieve happiness, not just for others but also for oneself.


  • Curiosity and doubt are the actual source of knowledge.
  • That’s why Buddha encouraged us to analysis his own teachings.
  • If you want your knowledge to live even you die, teach them to kids.
  • Knowledge is the root of the trust. Trust is the root of all the relationship.
    Relationship is the root of harmony. Harmony is the root of all the great achievements.


  • Life is completely meaningful when one is blessed with such great spiritual guide.
  • Life is short, so live it meaningfully.
  • Living a simple life is a secret towards leading a life without much expectation.
    If the expectations are lesser then lesser the disappointments. Thus a simple life means a happy life.
  • Like lotus, we should live a pure and honest life although we are in a muddy world.


  • Being in harmony by understanding each other’s weakness is the water that helps the tree of love grows.
  • Even animals are able to feel when we express our love and care towards them.
  • Every single love and kindness makes this world a happier place for all the living beings.
  • Honest and sincere are the two wheels of love. In normal people, perfection does not exist, so don’t expect for something that doesn’t exist.
  • If you love everyone, everyone will love you. It’s a law of reflection.
  • If you love others with an expectation, then it is not love. It is business.
    We must love others with our pure heart without expectations.
  • If you love all the living beings then, one of the best and practical way to help them is by caring the plants.
  • Like you desired to be loved, all the beings also desired to be loved.
  • Like an ordinary wood also starts to have the smell of sandalwood if it is kept with sandalwood for a long time. We can also be filled with love and compassion if we surround ourself by Buddha, the great teachings of Buddha and with loving and compassionate people.
  • Love is a desire to see the happiness, love towards a mom is to have a desire to see the mother happy. Love towards a thing is actually love towards ourself based on a desire to see oneself happy because of that thing.
  • Love is like a nectar that heals every wound and pain, even the most dangerous animal like anger.
  • Love is the only weapon in this world which can make this world a heaven to live for all the beings.
  • Love is the source of all the happiness.
  • Others desire love as much as you desire love. So love others and be loved by others.
  • Self love is not selfish, it is responsibility. To love others you should love yourself first.
  • The world we live belongs not only to humans. Animals, birds, marines and insects also deserve to live and to be loved.
  • The real beauty of a person is their inner qualities like love and compassion, which takes a long time to know. So never judge a book by its covers.
  • When we fill our heart with love and compassion, it shines out in the form of Our speech and physical activities.


  • Analytical meditation is the only way to generate wisdom.
  • Don’t confuse sleeping with meditation. It is not other than sleeping if you just empty your mind in the name of meditation.
  • First step of meditation, if you are sleepy then sleep first, start meditating when you are fully awake.
  • If depression, anxiety and stress are sickness then monks and meditators are doctors.
  • If every kid starts to meditate like they learn other subjects, they won’t be stress and depression in the world.
  • If you have a yellow sunglasses, the whole world appeared as yellow, and likewise loving and kindness meditation.
  • It fills the heart with joys from the first moment when you experience the taste of meditation.
  • Learning is an art to shape our mind. Contemplating is an art that polish that mind. Meditation is an art to make that mind a source of happiness.
  • Like the cold is antidote of hot, light is antidote of darkness, wisdom is antidote of ignorance and misunderstanding, and contentment is antidote of greedy. So let’s meditate on contentment and wisdom.
  • Meditation is the only way towards the life full of peace and happiness.
  • Meditation is the umbrella which protects us from the heat of anger and the rain of pain.
  • Mental hygiene for mental health.
  • Mental hygiene is more important than physical hygiene. Meditation is one of the best exercise for it. Only meditation leads to real happiness.
  • Meditation is an exercise for mental health.
  • Meditation is the key exercise for mental hygiene. We should concentrate on own mental hygiene because no pain killer cure mental sufferings. Although there are many doctors in this world, all they can treat is physical pain and sufferings. Problems like stress, anxiety, depression and so forth are killing people everyday before the death takes people away. So meditation is solution.
  • Meditation is the medicine for happiness and satisfaction. It is the antidote of stress and depression.
  • Meditation is the only way to know your inner self.
  • Meditation is the only way to control the inner negative emotions,
    because (enemy is not outside , it is inside) Love and Peace starts within us and it’s where we must generate first and then in family, community, village, state , country and then in the world.
  • Mindfulness meditation is one of the best practices to reduce indiscipline physical action.
  • Monk’s walking towards the Buddha to receive the proper instruction on meditation to bring love and compassion in world for whole peace.
  • The simple secret behind why Buddhist monks are happier is they think of all the others welfare and they see the need of meditation as we need food.
  • The way you see the life and problems will totally transform once you start your journey towards the internal world, the world of mind through meditation.
  • The whole world is just a creation of our own mind. Meditation is the supreme mental exercise to realise that.
  • Three most effective and simple conditions for the mental health beside meditation:
    1) Be in touch with nature.
    2) Respect others including animals around you.
    3) Keep improving and learning new things.
  • The genuine fuel for meditation is to receive the proper instruction.
  • Walking meditation is the best practice to reduce indiscipline physical action and verbal action.
  • We have all the potential and qualities, like our body heals itself, our mind also has an quality to heal itself, you just have to know and awake it through meditation.
  • While you are in quarantine, try to make the best use of your time, explore all the wonders inside you like Love, Compassion, Wisdom, Mindfulness and so forth through the meditation.
  • When ego and pride activate in us, we should reflect on how much of our body, wealth, knowledge and so forth are actually belongs to us.
  • Watch your thoughts and emotions as if it is different from you. Like an elephant in front of you, don’t react according to it as if it is you.


  • Being mindful of your body, mind and speech automatically improves you by understanding your faults and faults.
  • Being mindful of your own body, mind and speech is the key tool to improve oneself by seeing one’s own fault.
  • Concentrate on mental hygiene, no painkiller works with mental pain. Lots of doctors in this world but they treat physical problem, and suicide, stress, fear, anxiety and depression are killing people before they die. Meditation is the solution.
  • Hygiene of mind is more important than the hygiene of physical body, because mind gives more pain than physical body.
  • Growth of the mental state is as important as the growth of physical body for a happy life.
  • If the mind is the boss and body and speech are slave, let the mind be a compassionate and loving boss.
  • If you can control the mind, you can control the body and speech .
  • Mind is boss, body and speech are slaves.
  • Mind is everything.
  • Mind is powerful and when it is determined we don’t feel the minor unpleasant and even some physical pain. So we need to meditate TO MAKE IT STRONGER.
  • Mind of enlightenment is the greatest source of merits and enlightenment.
  • Our body and speech are the slaves of our mind, let our mind be a good boss, under which we have to work whole life.
  • The nature of Our mind is clear like sky, and the destructive emotions are like clouds which is temporary.
  • The world which appears to us is a projection of our own eyes.
  • You can’t control the world, all you can control is yourself.
  • We should take care of human body and we should make the best of the use. Always remember that human body is a guest house with so many facilities, and our mind is guest living in it.
  • What you see outside is just a reflection of your eyes.


  • Motivation is the origin of every positive or negative actions.
  • Motivation is the remote which change, decide and control the physical action and verbal.
  • With the motivation to bring peace and happiness in the heart of people through the teachings of Buddha


  • Peace can be found inside if we search in ourself.
  • Peace comes from within, so through meditation, seek the peace within oneself.
  • The innate human nature is peace.
  • We feel comfortable to be in atmosphere where there is kindness, compassion, love and respect because our innate nature is peace.


  • Fly in the world of peace and happiness, world of higher rebirth and fly to the land of nirvana.
  • One should contemplate that everyone desire peace and happiness as we desire peace and happiness.
  • Peace and happiness come from within, so seek those inside us.
  • Seven limbs of practices to tackle the negative emotions and to bring peace and happiness in the mind
  • Seek peace and happiness inside, these are inner qualities that can be achieve by inner transformation.
  • The innate nature of mind desire peace and happiness. No one desire to be hurt or suffer. By knowing this fact upon ourself, we should not harm anyone including animals, birds and marines.


  • Like every tree needs a time to grow, every problem needs a time to solve, keep calm and continue taking steps towards positivities.
  • There is a positive side of every situation. The wise is to seize the moment and enjoy it by reflecting the positive side.


  • Helping those in need is the real practice of Buddha’s teachings.
  • If you are well determined, there is always a time available to learn and understand Buddha’s teachings for the welfare of all the sentient beings.
  • Practicing compassion is impossible if you don’t have the concept of gender equality in your mind.
  • Sharing the teachings of Buddha is the ultimate way to feel the Buddha and feel the nature of Budda within us and within others.
  • Verbal and physical practices are like a transportation to reach to the destination of transformation of mind
  • You can continue your practice day and night only when you can transform even your sleeps into the act of merits.


  • Everything is possible when prayers are from the pure heart.
  • May all the beings be free of negative karma and may all sentient beings be free from illness.
  • May every breath I intake be the cause of energy that I can use to serve other sentient beings in need. May every word that I learn be the cause of sentence with which I share the teachings of Buddha to bring happiness in this world.
  • When your prayers are from the core of the heart, everything is possible.


  • Anumothana is the easiest way to accumulate merits.


  • If you eat too many different types of foods at the same time then it will create some chemical reaction and you will not get recovered. Similarly, you should respect all the medicines, but you intake and rely on just one medicine at one time. Similarly, we should respect all the religions, but we should just follow and practice one religion.


  • Respecting other living beings is the ultimate way to respect one’s inner nature of mind, because our nature of mind is free of all the negatives.
  • Respecting Buddha is nothing but respecting one’s own inner positivity and inner peace and harmony.
  • Respecting all these sentient beings is the source of the acceptance of the equality which is why in Buddhism there is no gender inequality, no caste, no discrimination based on anything, equally same in desiring happiness and not wanting sufferings.
  • Respect towards the teachings of Buddha and walking on the path which Buddha has shown is the source of happiness.
  • Respect all but believe one because you shouldn’t have different medicines at the same time to avoid chemical reaction.
  • Remember, understanding is the source of respect.
  • We should respect all living beings:
    – They all deserve happiness as you do,
    – They all deserve to be loved as you do,
    – They all deserve to live a life as you do,
    – They all deserve to be cared as you do.


  • Even we are born in this samsaric world, we should blossom like the lotus blossom although it grows from mud.
  • With the boat of human body, one can get out of samsara. So, we should make the best of this precious human rebirth.


  • A genuine smile is something that makes everyone beautiful.
  • If just watching a genuine compassionate smile for one second can destroy the mountains of anger and oceans of sadness, then imagine how much it can effect your life positively if you have it regularly!
    Compassionate smile with love and care towards others heals pain, suspicious doubts and anxiety.
  • One of the easiest way to generate smile is smile, that’s simply the meaning of karma. You get what you give.
  • Smile expresses not just happiness and peace but also truth.
  • You need to smile to teach someone how to smile. Just giving a theory of smiling is not enough for someone to know how to smile and to smile. That’s why it’s important to show the younger children the kindness, generous, compassion, so that they can learn and become such a person in their life.
  • You can see smile in mirror only when you smile at Mirror.


  • The poisonous flowers and leaves never end growing, until we uproot the poisonous tree from its roots. Sufferings and pain does not end as well until we uproot the negative emotions which are the causes.


Heart sutra, the essence of all the sutras. The nectar of all the Paramita sutras.


  • By holding the hand of a great and compassionate teacher, let’s get out of the world of sufferings.
  • It is so important to choose a good teacher who helps us to diminish our negatives and who helps us to grow our positive qualities as it is been explained in The 37 Practices of Bodhisattvas.
  • Way to remove ignorance is by relying to a teacher.
  • We should be our own teacher and take care of our own body mind and speech which is doable and that is what makes us a good human.


  • What Are the Benefits of Practicing Tonglen?
    By thinking of others who are experiencing your same pain and suffering, you expand your compassion and loving kindness towards others.
    You reduce the ego and your attachment to your own pain and suffering.
    Cultivate positive karma by giving and helping others.
    Helps you realize that your pain is not personal and in fact it’s experienced by humans all over the world.
    Cultivate a deeper sense of generosity.
    Helps you to be present for your pain and the pain of others.
    Develop more loving kindness and compassion toward yourself.
    Reduce anxieties and fears by being present for them.


  • Transform the mind into positiveness with the practice of mindfulness. Body and speech will automatically become compassionate and loving.
  • Transformation of negative emotions is the essence of the teachings of Buddha.


  • If being kind and compassionate makes you disappointment then you need to strengthen or enhance your wisdom.
  • Life is so short and there is no time to be in illusions, wisdom is the only way to be in the reality.
  • Many relationships breaks up because of misunderstanding. That’s why Buddha talk on the importance of wisdom and understanding.
  • Wisdom is the light that can remove the darkness of ignorance.
  • Wisdom leaves no place for both misunderstanding and not misunderstanding which are the main causes of many types of sufferings specially in a relationship.
  • Wisdom is the mind, with which you will be able to decide the better from two good things and also from two bad things. Thus wisdom helps us to make important decisions in our life easily.
  • We need to meditate because in 2000, the average human attention span was 12 seconds and now only 8 seconds.
  • Let’s break the chain of 8 seconds by concentration.
  • You cannot hide love and wisdom, no matter how hard you try. You live most of your life inside of your head. Make sure it’s a nice place to be.


  • This is what yoga actually means but unfortunately people stretch its meaning and its meaning changes in the head of people and thus people often misunderstand and don’t realise the real meaning.-
    – Yoga literally means “to make it suitable”
    – Physical yoga means “to make the physical body suitable for meditation”
    – Mental yoga means “to make the mind suitable to achieve happiness through meditation.”

Compassionate Seed.

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