Project of Stupa Construction in Ladakh – 2021

Stupa, Symbol of the Mind and the Knowledge of Buddha

Through the power of the perfection of diligence and patience,

May this stupa be an object through which thousands of people accumulate merits for generations and generations and

May the merits brings peace and happiness for all the sentient beings and

May dharma exists on this world as long as the sentient beings exists on this world.


Stupa is a powerful symbol of the mind’s limitless potential. As they represent the mind of enlightenment.

This stupa is filled with 5000 sacred Tsa Tsa, millions of 26 different mantras and three version of Prajna Paramita Sutra (Perfection of Wisdom Sutra) in total 16 volumes along with the collection of mantras one volume, and the relics of buddha offered by Venerable Rigzin, blessed pieces of clothes from HIS EMINENCE GADEN TRIPA, HIS EMINENCE THIKSAY Rinpoche, His eminence Geshe Nawang Sangye and also blessed pills of four tantra by H.E. GADEN TRIPA and many other sacred pills from Tibet and many other monasteries

May the world be free from pandemic

May those who are hungry gets food

May those who are thirsty gets drink

May those who are sick gets recover

May those who are stressed find peace

May those who are separated gets united

May those who are in samsara achieve nirvana

May every beings find peace and happiness in all the lives and be born in pure land

Lama Nawang Kunphel