Lama Nawang Kunphel, a Buddhist monk, was born in a small village called Thiksay in Ladakh. Since eleven, he was a Buddhist monk and presently he is guiding with Buddhism philosophy and psychology with meditation. As most of the other Buddhist monks, the reason he became a monk is so that he can help others with Buddha wisdom and also so that he can see the whole world as his family and everyone as his family members. Buddhist monk usually prays for the happiness of the whole sentient beings but he, as an individual, sees an emerging need to put those prayers into practical.

In the last few years he had been organising various charity in and out of India. And when he did some charity in Ladakh which is between Himalayan mountains where people live as nomads on the hight of 3,000 to 5,000 meters above sea levels, he saw lots of kids in a need of education, some of them are orphans or semi orphans and some are even abandoned by their own parents .

He always has these in the mind that giving clothes to them and giving some food or even blankets because where they live is minus 30 degree Celsius in winter but it is not changing their life. So he decided to take a step further by recruiting those kids who are the most needy one like those who are orphans, semi orphans or those who are abandoned one, to provide them with an education and a better atmosphere so that they can have a hope and an opportunity to create a future.

Now since their parents live in mountains so it is impossible for them to attend a school specially they are around 300 kilometers away from their place and also as their parents are nomads they change their tents every three months in the search of grass for their animals.

So far he has recruited 32 such kids who are in a need of a hostel and a school and general expenses for their education so that they can also have at least an opportunity to create a positive hope for their life.

“Our simple act of kindness can change someone’s life. A glimpse of our compassionate eyes gives hopes to someone to live a happy life”.

When the rest of the kids in this world is showered with facilities, some kids in Himalayan mountains are lacking basic needs, let’s put our hands to being some light in their life


Let’s try our best to provide this 32 kids a hope and an opportunity in their life to be something
Let’s be the star in their life to give light in the current life of darkness.

Compassionate Seeds.